Working together

Holistic thinking for sustainable urban development

Our Mission

Our mission is to facilitate collaboration, integration, and visualization in the service of holistic urban design


We work openly. Our project source code and roadmap can be accessed by anyone.
We try our best to build simple tools for complicated problems. We avoid chasing industry trends and jargon when simple tools are more than often often sufficient.
We are part of an ecosystem of people and organizations who are working to improve society. Approaching such a monumental task takes cooperation on unprecedented scales.
We seek to promote sustainability both externally and within our company. We are building a sustainable business model that is in harmony with our mission and values.

About the project

Collaborative urban design platform

Bring together stakeholders from various backgrounds to work towards common goals, such as the United Nations Sustainable Design Goals.
Encourage public participation in community design.

Part of a circular economy

Design the urban environment with cradle-to-cradle thinking. Reduce material and energy consumption while reusing space in innovative ways.
Our project is open-source. We are building on so many great software components that we want to pay things forward.
Photos by fauxels and Vlada Karpovich from Pexels